Hello I am Mustafa—

I'm a senior product designer and I build experiences that people love.

I focus on simplicity and always try to make sure my design decisions are results of a human-centered process. Transforming user needs into creative, simple solutions is what I’m best at.

Even though I have 10+ years of experience in the UX and UI field, I never stop learning new trends and tools. Everyone knows design is an ongoing process, right?

About me

My name is Mustafa Çetin, a Product Designer based in Amsterdam. I'm currently working atHealthy Workers, a startup focused on the improvement of work environments to optimize employee engagement and productivity. Feel free to check some of my previous works above or simply ask me and I will provide you with a complete workflow. I worked in Amsterdam with awesome companies like TravelBird, Nine Connections, Healthyworkers. And I also helped tons of excellent companies with their design solutions. Meanwhile, don't forget to check out My CV.

Nov 2010 — Mar 2011
Lead Designer
Nov 2011 — Mar 2016
Nine Connections
Design & Creative Director
Apr 2016 — Mar 2019
Healthy Workers
Lead Product Designer
Mar 2019 — Recent

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