An improved home workspace awaits you

Project Overview
Everyone deserves a home office space where they feel productive, healthy and happy. Anywhere is here to help. For free. We’ll be by your side every though moment you face, with guidance on how to tackle your home working issues. Whether it’s your chair, your active kids or social isolation.

Anywhere is here for you!
My Contributions
I have spent quite some time working on the second (2.0) version of the anywhere and whole UI kit. I have added more than 110 screens with different states and interactions and move straight to the development stage of your project and launch your products much faster.

I have designed a dark mode for all of the screens, as well as that, we have also prototyped some of the screens just so you would have a clear understanding of the user flow which will help you speed up the development process.
Dizy? Yes.
About the company The world has changed. And although a lot of things are uncertain at the moment, some things aren’t. Our health has become more important than ever before. And with our health as motivator, we’ve almost all been working from home ever since. Big companies like Twitter and Facebook, and also Healthy Workers, won’t reopen their offices until the end of 2020. That’s why we strongly believe, working remotely is here to stay.

How do you make sure you put enough attention to your health in this new situation? Work can have a huge (negative) impact on our health, with all its consequences. Our Health is complex and is influenced by environmental, personal and business factors. We can be totally unaware of these factors and with a dispersed workforce new factors such as fear, isolation and disconnection arise.

Health and Wellbeing is at the core of Healthy Workers. We want to help you create a healthy work environment while working from home. Therefore, we introduce Anywhere

With Anywhere, we give hands on tips and valuable insights, based on your situation, to create and improve healthy work environments. It’s an easy access web-app which takes almost no time to use.